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Hellerman Engineering & Constructions Sdn. Bhd. (1178629-M). Incorporated on 12th March, 1987 is the Sole Agent and distributor in East and West Malaysia for Kumwell (Welded Electrical Connection), SHF Steel Fasteners, Strut Channels, Bisclips and our own manufactured HTC Fasteners.

Our Company

With a combined effort and experience among the staff and with good relationship and support on its banker and suppliers, Hellerman Letrik Sdn. Bhd. Is capable of supplying a wide variety to our local projects. In recognizing its role in the development programme of the country, Hellerman Letrik Sdn. Bhd. is planning to be actively involved in the private and Government Projects throughout Malaysia.

“Working towards a better Malaysia with PROFESSIONAL, RELIABLE AND EFFICIENT SERVICE”

Electrical Grounding Works


A grounding system is an essential part of any electric / electronic system. The objective of a grounding system may be summarized as follows:

  • To provide safety to personnel during normal and fault conditions by limiting step and touch potential.
  • To assure correct operation of electrical / electronic devices.
  • To prevent damage to electrical / electronic apparatus.
  • To dissipate lightning strokes.
  • To stabilize voltage during transient conditions and therefore to minimize the probability
    of flashover during the transients.
  • To divert stray RF energy from sensitive audio, video, control, and computer equipment.

As it is stated in the ANSI/IEEE Standard 80-1986 “IEEE Guide for Safety in AC Substation Grounding,” a safe grounding design has two objectives:

  • To provide means to carry electric currents into the earth under normal and fault
    conditions without exceeding any operating and equipment limits or adversely affecting
    continuity of service.
  • To assure that a person in the vicinity of grounded facilities is not exposed to the danger
    of critical electric shock.


Applying a proper earthing grid design calls for careful choices of products used to ensure the reliability of the design. With more than 26 years of experience dedicated into electrical earthing field, our designs are specially catered to suit individual site.

Certain sites require higher specifications to achieve more stability in the grounding system due to geographical reasons.

Certain sites require higher specifications to achieve more stability in the grounding system due to geographical reasons. In the case of telecom towers, it is highly essential for tower owners to understand and apply these specifications to reduce cost of frequent maintaining earthing grid, electronics apparatus break-downs or damages and troubleshooting earthing problems.

The standard recommendations we offer our clients include:

Soil Resistivity Test – critical information gathered here helps to design a proper earthing system that will maximize full capability and reliability.

Our Products Range

Exothermic Welding, Cathodic Protection, Railway Signaling, Weldmetal Powder, More Effective Grounding, Lightning Protection, Grounding Protection, TF Nylon Cable Cleats, I-Beam Clamp & Trunking C Bracket, Conduit Clamp, Heavy Duty Beam Clamp, Strut Channel & Fittings, C Channel Rod Hanger, Pipe Hanger & Clamp, Conduit Kom Clip, Slotted Angle Bar Support.

Project Supplied

Water Treatment Plants
1.    Selangor Water Treatment Plant, Rasa, Ulu Selangor

Power Plants / Stations / Switchgears Projects
1.    Gelugor Power Station, Penang
2.    Kulim IPP Project, Kulim Hi-Tech Park
3.    KHTP Independent Power Utility Project, Kulim Hi-Tech Park
4.    Public Utility Board (Singapore) Project, Kota Tinggi
5.    Paka Power Station, Paka
6.    Manjung Power Station, Manjung
7.    TNBD PPU Great Eastern, Kuala Lumpur
8.    TNBD SSU Sony, Bangi
9.    TNBD PPU Ukay Perdana, Selangor
10. TNBD SSU UPM, Serdang
11. North Butterworth Container Terminal, Butterworth
12. Celectica Technologies Expansion, Kulim Hi-Tech Park
13. Flagship Zone 1A, Cyberjaya
14. TNBG Prai Power Generating Plant, Prai
15. Luster Industries Sdn. Bhd., Sg. Petani
16. NUR Distribution Sdn. Bhd., Kulim Hi-Tech Park
17. Acedilian (M) Sdn. Bhd., Kulim Hi-Tech Park
18. Intel PG6, Bayan Lepas Free Trade Zone
19. Intel PG7, Bayan Lepas Free Trade Zone
20. Intel PG8, Bayan Lepas Free Trade Zone

Steel Super Structures
1.    Fuji Electric (M) Sdn Bhd, Kulim Hi-Tech Park
2.    NST Electron (M) Sdn Bhd, Kulim Hi-Tech Park
3.    Perak Hanjung Cement Plant, Perak
4.    ShinEtsu (M) Sdn Bhd, Hicom Industrial Park, Shah Alam
5.    Matsushita (M) Sdn Bhd, Shah Alam
6.    NEG (Phase 1), Shah Alam
7.    NEG (Phase 2), Shah Alam
8.    MMEC 3, Shah Alam
9.    Lion Containers Warehouse, Bukit Raja
10. Centralised Utilities Facilities, Kerteh
11. Centralised Utilities Facilities, Gebeng
12. Asian Components Manufacturing, Bukit Kayu Hitam
13. Jabil Circuit, Bayan Lepas Free Trade Zone
14. Proton Main Line Refurbishment (MLR), Shah Alam
15. Perodua Automotive Centre, Sg. Choh
16. Tesco Hypermart, Puchong
17. Giant Hypermart, Shah Alam
18. Honda Plant, Ayer Keroh
19. Proton City, Tanjung Malim, Perak
20. Tesco Hypermart, Klang
21. Tesco Hypermart, Melaka
22. Tesco Hypermart, Mutiara Damansara
23. Putrajaya BR8, Putrajaya
24. MAXIS Telecom Towers, Nationwide
25. Giant Hypermart, Kelana Jaya
26. Giant Hypermart, Batu Caves
27. IKEA, Mutiara Damansara
28. Pusrawi Hospital, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur
29. Naza Gurun, Kedah
30. Inokom PCS, Kulim
31. Ericsson, Shah Alam
32. OYL Cond Air, Shah Alam
33. Infineon, Kulim
34. Tan Chong Motor Assembly
35. Infineon, Melaka
36. Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Johor Bahru
37. Texas Instrument, Jln Keramat, KL
38. Ciba Vision, Johor
39. Hi-Tech, Kulim

Clean Room Facilities Projects
1.    1st Silicon, Kuching
2.    Sama Jaya Free Trade Zone, Kuching
3.    Silterra (M) Sdn Bhd, Kulim Hi-Tech Park
4.    MIMOS Berhad, Malaysia Technology Park
5.    Meditop Corporation

M & E Supplies for Building
1.    Mid-Valley Complex, Kuala Lumpur
2.    Putrajaya Parcel C, Putrajaya
3.    Putrajaya Parcel D, Putrajaya
4.    Putrajaya Parcel E, Putrajaya
5.    Putrajaya MOF, Putrajaya
6.    Putrajaya MOE, Putrajaya
7.    Putrajaya Parcel 4G1 & 4G2, Putrajaya
8.    One Utama Phase 2, Bandar Utama
9.    KL Sentral Project, Kuala Lumpur
10. Intel PG8, Bayan Lepas Free Trade Zone
11. Intel PG12, Bayan Lepas Free Trade Zone
12. Sagami Project, Perak
13. Flextronics, Shah Alam (expansion works)
14. Ampang Hospital, Kuala Lumpur
15. ERL Project, Selangor
16. Jaya Jusco, Skudai, Johor
17. National Panasonic Capacitor Plant, Melaka
18. National Panasonic Compressor Plant, Melaka
19. Putrajaya 3G2 Precint 3 (Phase 2), Putrajaya
20. Putrajaya 3G1 Precint 3 (Phase 2), Putrajaya
21. Putrajaya Parcel Z
22. Double Track Project Rawang to Ipoh (Stations)
23. KL Monorail, Kuala Lumpur
24. SACC, Shah Alam
25. Flextronics, Bukit Raja (expansion works)
26. UBE, Balakong (rectification works)
27. JVC, Shah Alam (expansion works)
28. Termeloh Hospital, Pahang
29. KLCC Health-Care Center, Kuala Lumpur

Petrochemical Plants

1.    Aromatic 1, Kerteh
2.    Aromatic 2, Kerteh
3.    Optimal Project, Kerteh
4.    KCTF, Kerteh
5.    Petlin Technip LDPE, Kerteh
6.    Union Carbide Complex, Kerteh
7.    Olefin, Kerteh
8.    LDPE Project, Kerteh
9.    Kaneka Engineering Project, Gebeng
10. BASF Acrylic Acid/Esters Plant, Gebeng
11. BASF Phase Oxo-Alcohol Plant, Gebeng
12. BASF SynGas Plant, Gebeng
13. BASF Butanediol Plant, Gebeng
14. LDPE Project, Pasir Panjang
15. Melaka Refinery, Melaka
16. Centralised Utilities Facilities, Kerteh
17. Centralised Utilities Facilities, Gebeng

1.    OYL, Shah Alam
2.    InkMaker, Bangi
3.    ICS, Shah Alam

1.    KTMB
2.    Asia Comm. & Electric Sdn Bhd – Double Track Rawang – Ipoh Project (Electrified)
3.    Siemens Integra Transportation Systems Sdn Bhd

Projects Reference

In Malaysia For KUMWELL Earthing And Grounding System (Till 2014)
1.     Komplex Beli-belah Fasa Dua One Utama, Bandar Utama
2.     Bandar Utama Condominium
3.     Cablecar Project at Gunung Machinchang, Pulau Langkawi
4.     Cyberjaya, Astro
5.     Digi – Sabah, Digi – Sarawak, Digi – Penang, Digi – Seremban,
         Digi – Melaka, Digi – Johor Bahru
6.     Flat Kos Rendah untuk DBKL
7.     Hospital Petronas (KLCC Health Care Center)
8.     Hospital, Ampang
9.     Hospital, Temerloh, Pahang
10.  Hospital, Alor Setar
11.  ITMEC – Maluri, Cheras
12.  Kem Imphall – Sri Gombak
13.  Komplek Islam Selangor, Shah Alam
14.  Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)
15.  MRG – Bintulu, Sarawak
16.  Sekolah Rendah / Menengah Bistari, Kota Damansara
17.  System Monorail – Depot, System Monorail – Switch Deck, Titiwangsa, System Monorail – Station, System Monorail – TPSS, System Monorail – Steel Arch Bridge
18.  Tabung Haji – Kelana Jaya, Tabung Haji – Subang Jaya
19.  Telekom Malaysia – KawasanPerak
20.  Trans Thailand M’sia (TTM)
21.  Wisma Felcra – Wangsa Maju, Setapak
22.  Kolam Renang & Kolam Terjun, Paroi, Negeri Sembilan
23.  Blok A & Blok B Pangsapuri untuk Tetuan Aliran Firasat S/B – Sri Hartamas
24.  Maxis Telecom Tower, Johor State.
25.  BMW Office Project, Cyberjaya
26.  Port Dickson Power Station, Port Dickson
27.  Universiti Hospital, Petaling jaya
28.  Pejabat Kastam Project, Johor Bahru
29.  SACC Project, Shah Alam
30.  Meditop Project, Bangi
31.  KTM Double Track Project, Rawang – Ipoh, Temporary Rail Track Signalling Works
32.  KTM Double Track Project, Rawang – Ipoh, Earthing for Line Side Cabinet (LSC)
33.  KL Sentral Project – Club House (sub Lot J) – KL Sentral Hilton & Meridien
34.  Suria KLCC
35.  JKR, Terengganu
36.  PPU – 33KV Hospital University
37.  Sekolah Menengah Jelai Bahau – P0301
38.  Infineon, Kulim
39.  Sri Hartamas Condo K2, Kota Mulia
40.  PGRM 2, Jalan Pudu Ulu,KL
41.  Nayaka Plot B – Damansara
42.  Hotel & Office Block Bandar Utama, BUCC
43.  2G4, Putrajaya
44.  PPU, Serdang
45.  Damansara Intan e-Business Park Block B & C
46.  China Press Printing Factory – KL
47.  Solaris 1 – Sri Hartamas
48.  Nayaka – Pelangi 2 Damansara Ara
49.  Melawati Urban 2 – KL
50.  Great Eastern Building – Penang
51.  Regalmont – Sri Hartamas
52.  2 Blok Pangsapuri Di Sri Petaling – Selangor
53.  BU Food Court, Bandar Utama

54.    Novotel Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
55.    The Curve, Mutiara Damansara
56.    Kolam Air Berisipadu 45 Juta Liter Di Atas Sebahagian Lot 126 & 264, Mukim 13, Batu Kawan, Seberang Perai Selatan
57.    PPU, Building For OYL Factory Sg. Buloh
58.    Meritz Condominium, Jalan Yap Kwang Seng, Kuala Lumpur
59.    TNB Sub Station – MARC, Kuala Lumpur
60.    IJM, CAHB Building at Jln Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur
61.    Persiaran Hampshire Residence, Jalan Ampang
62.    2 Blok Servis Apartment For Fairlane Hotel At Jalan Walter Grenier, Kuala Lumpur
63.    Maxis – Sg. Besi Site, Maxis -Subang Hi-Tech
64.    MTD HQ In Sri GomBak
65.    Dell H.Q. Site
66.    Cyberjaya Pusat R & D Dell
67.    KLCC Luxury Condominium
68.    K1 Sri Hartamas
69.    K2 Sri Hartamas
70.    Bandar Utama Condo site – for Phase 2 & 3
71.    Bandar Utama – Central Club House
72.    Columbia Medical Centre In Puchong Site
73.    Amisia Condominium Bukit Kiara
74.    Wisma LEE Rubber
75.    Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), Bangi
76.    5G2 Precinct 56 Putrajaya
77.    IT Park (Phase 1) Cyperjaya, Sepang
78.    Rectification Work – Rayale Damansara Hotel
79.    2 Blok Servis Apartment for Pilihan Megah Sdn Bhd
80.    4 Blok Bangunan Perdagangan For Tetuan Tujuan Gemilang At Sungai Buloh (PJ Trade Centre, Damansara Perdana)
81.    35 Storey Condominium, Mont Kiara Untuk Tetuan Regalmount Sdn Bhd
82.    1 Blok Pangsapuri Mewak 41 Tingkat – Pearl KLCC
83.    Super Ville – Swiss Garden Service Apartment, Gallowway
84.    1 Blok Pasaraya 4 Tingkat (Blok D) Di Atas Lot H.S. (D) 145185, Pusat Bandar 2, Kota Damansara, Untuk Tetuan P.K.N.S, 2 Blok Pangsapuri Mewah 27 & 28 Tingkat (238 unit) Di Atas Lot 1889, Segambut
85.    Dalam, Jln Kiara 3, Mont Kiara Untuk Tetuan Kar Sin Bhd
86.    Office Building on Lot 4C11, Precinct 4, Putrajaya
87.    Mixed Development On Part of Lot 8345 (PT5787), Jln Johar / Jln Damanlela/Jln Beringin, Damansara City Sdn Bhd
88.    TNB Produa Substation, Bukit Beruntung
89.    3 Blok 378 units Pangsapuri Perkhidmatan 13 Tingkat – Saujana Subang Condo, Amaya
90.    1 Blok Bangunan Ibu Pejabat 34 Tingkat, Di Atas Lot 168 & 169 Sek. 57, Jln Perak K.L Utk Tetuan TH Technologies S/B
91.    5G2 and Lot 5PL1, Precinct 5, Putrajaya
92.    Ritzs Perdana 2 Damansara, 1 Blok Perdagangan 10 Tingkat Di Atas Lot 788-792, Jln Raja Abdullah, KL, Tetuan RKT
93.    Nusantara S/B
94.    KTM Double Track Project North
95.    KTM Double Track Project, Sentul – Bt. Caves, Rail Track Signalling Works
96.    160 unit (2 Block) Apartment at Lot 48629 (F2), Jln Sri Hartamas 3, KL
97.    1 Block (Block E) Shop Lot & Car Park at Phase 2 Damansara Perdana
98.    One Unit Bungalow At Sierramas, Sungai Buloh
99.    Suruhanjaya Tenaga Building (2C15) Putrajaya
100. Tebrau Extension Project
101. Platinum Park Phase 1, Kuala Lumpur
102. Goldis Tower, Jalan Tun Razak

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