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Earthing and Lightning Protection System Specialist

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Hellerman Engineering & Constructions Sdn. Bhd. ( 1178629-M ). Incorporated on 12th March, 1987 is the Sole Agent and distributor in East and West Malaysia for Kumwell (Welded Electrical Connection), SHF Steel Fasteners, Strut Channels, Bisclips and our own manufactured HTC Fasteners.

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Electrical Grounding Works

A grounding system is an essential part of any electric/electronic system. The objective of a
grounding system may be summarized as follows:
1. To provide safety to personnel during normal and fault conditions by limiting step and
    touch potential.
2. To assure correct operation of electrical/electronic devices.
3. To prevent damage to electrical/electronic apparatus.
4. To dissipate lightning strokes.
5. To stabilize voltage during transient conditions and therefore to minimize the probability
of flashover during the transients.
6. To divert stray RF energy from sensitive audio, video, control, and computer equipment.

As it is stated in the ANSI/IEEE Standard 80-1986 “IEEE Guide for Safety in AC Substation
Grounding,” a safe grounding design has two objectives:
1. To provide means to carry electric currents into the earth under normal and fault
conditions without exceeding any operating and equipment limits or adversely affecting
continuity of service.
2. To assure that a person in the vicinity of grounded facilities is not exposed to the danger
of critical electric shock.

Applying a proper earthing grid design calls for careful choices of products used to ensure the
reliability of the design. With more than 26 years of experience dedicated into electrical earthing
field, our designs are specially catered to suit individual site.

Certain sites require higher specifications to achieve more stability in the grounding system due
to geographical reasons. In the case of telecom towers, it is highly essential for tower owners to
understand and apply these specifications to reduce cost of frequent maintaining earthing grid,
electronics apparatus break-downs or damages and troubleshooting earthing problems.

The standard recommendations we offer our clients include:

Soil Resistivity Test – critical information gathered here helps to design a proper earthing system
that will maximize full capability and reliability.